Wanderung 16

Holts Hawaiian Hula Holiday.

January 2008

Prolog: The Laws of Physics.


When I grew up the world of Physics was safe, sane, and predictable. That was before, of course, those wild and crazy Quantum Physics guys got ahold of it. They seemed to take positive joy in contradicting all those old, safe, "Laws" like, "Two objects cannot be in the same place at the same time!" I always felt that law explained things like, say, car crashes pretty well, and it certainly held true whenever I tried packing two suitcases or whatever into the same space. But I digress.

A corollary of that Law was that one object could not be in two different places at the same time. That was another reassurringly simple law that seemed to jibe with my personal experience pretty well. I was forever trying to conjure lost objects (wallet, glasses, etc.) into being wherever I was searching for them, but just as the law predicted that never worked. I just had to persevere and find the one location where the lost item was currently residing.

That selfsame Law applies, unfortunately, to each and every one of us including me. So it was with some regret, but not much surprise, that I was faced with the choice of either taking a trip to Hawaii or going into the hospital for medical tests and operations. Those of you lacking in Wanderlust are probably wondering why on Earth this dilemma caused even a moment's hesitation in making a decision. Those of you with a good dose of itchy feet, however, can maybe understand why I hesitated when confronted with the choice of "Cruise around Hawaiian Islands" and "Into the Hospital for Surgery".

So, in the best spirit of Quantum Physics, I cast about for some kind of loophole where I could, to put it crassly, "have my cake and eat it too" (another impossibility under the old-fashioned Laws of Physics that probably has some Quantum Physics exception). Thinking back, I remembered reading about the Scarlet Pimpernel when I was young (when Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth!), and there was some line about him being first here, then there, then someplace else.

Well, I reasoned, if the Scarlet Pimpernel can do it, why not me? The Law said nothing about quick changes of location and maybe I could carefully interleave where I was at what time in order to "have it all" (another unfortunate modern phrase because I really didn't want "all" of it, just Hawaii!). Thus it was that I had one hospitalization in late December, took our Hawaiian cruise in early January, and then went in for surgery in late January. Whew! Was I glad that I had managed to work out a way around the Law! So in-between my hospital stays we managed to fly off to Hawaii for Wanderung 16.

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